Archinect Redesigns Their Site

Overnight Archinect, whom we all know and love, launched the eagerly awaited redesign of their site.

A cleaner and bolder look than the preceding version – this is a really redesign. Total the focus appears to be on consistency and clarity. Most colour has been dropped out apart from pictures that support the posts, and a few colour of the site.

There is a strong grid holding everything together, giving an overall sense of serene and order. It is broken up by the line that is diagonal, or arrowhead breaking the mold, although this gives a very rectangular texture to the website.

The homepage gives a main post that is featured a grid of sequential articles. Nice and clean, this layout is effective in showcasing the breadth of material about Archinect. Links on both sides help to filter content down (even though it will be fine if this was in some way lively).

The new Archinect was made to be more responsive. Responsive Design is a new approach being used online – in which the content and design of a website respond to the size of the browser, or into the apparatus it is being used on. Try creating your window smaller and bigger and you will notice that the grid of boxes will reflow to fill out the page with articles. This isn’t cool and funky – it makes the use of the area, and shows off as many articles as you can.

The inner pages in the newest Archinect layout are quite an accomplishment. They’ve managed to utilize the identical format for all of the different essay types.

Fantastic care was paid into the typography – everything is crisp and easy to browse. Every article’s subhead spells out the meta-information for the article clearly.

Overall – this is a victory for Archinect – a redesign that serves it’s users and sets a new bar for the design and performance of architecture associated blogs.